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Thursday, October 21, 2010


Hey Gang,
     So we are getting away from this blogger stuff and we have moved to Tumblr.  We can now post photos, videos, quotes, audio, anything and everything we could ever want!  CLICK HERE to check it out, or just go to  our facebook and become our friend!  Goodnight and GoodLuck.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

It Caught Up With Me

Well, It seems that all I am doing latly is working.  I'm actually having a really hard time making it to class on time or even at all.  For example, this week, I was working at Borders from 5:00pm - 10:30pm on Monday night.  after work, i went home and complete a couple videos for a client and I was doing that until 5:00am.  I had class at 9.  I didn't make it.  Life can get in the way sometimes but when it comes down to it, I would rather do what I love rather than something I don't.

So, hopefully life will be better after november passes, I know Borders is going to get insanly busy due to the holidays coming up and I'll probably get a lot of hours, however, I'm ok with that.  I'm still trying to figure out where school fits into all of this.  I have an associates degree in video production, and i'm working in video production and I think I just need to take a breather and take some fun classes that would be interesting to me.  I would love to take more Audio Production based classes but there are not a lot of options for that.  J.D. Kiggins is the person you would want to talk to if your interested in audio production such as radio or recording. 

So, I dropped 7 credits and am now down to 2.  Life is interesting now because it's a lot more stress free with only taking one class. 

All in all, life is better, Still busy, but better.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Time becomes a distent relative when you do what i'm doing

Well hello there. it's been such a long time since i've talked to you.  Now, believe me when I say that I had ever intention of writting to you this summer and sometimes...well, thigs just don't work out the way you plan.  Actually, nothing ever turns out the way you plan does it? 

Well this summer was really interesting, I DIDN'T spend my time by a river relaxing with a good C.S. Lewis novel or play video games until the crack of dawn.  Nope, myself and 3 other people started a company.  It's called Gradient Productions.  You can check us out here and contact us if you're interested in what we have to offer.  So, creating a company can be expensive and time consuming so it's nice that the four of us can actually stand eacher.  In the midst of starting the company we have become well known around town as the "Creative company to go to when you want quality and a good price."  You can check out some of our full length pieces of work HERE (watch SILK: The story behind the espresso) and you can see our international award winning cmmercial HERE (Check out SILK Commercial #2).

Now, school just started this past monday and it's been pretty hectic.  I'm taking all music classes and that's always amazing for sure, however it's a little time consuming as well.  The classes are going to be really good and I feel like I have a leg up because i've been playing music for so long. 

In the midst of school i'm on the S.O.A.R. team.  This is a fun experience, pays for my tuition and is a great opportuniy to 1. blog 2. vlog and 3. lead tours which is really awesome.  Thisis a great job and i'm glad that I only am doing the part time portion because I don't think I could handle full tie.  Why you ask?  well...

I also just recently got a job at BORDERS and it's been really awesome.  I think the thing I like about it most is the people that I get encounter and the people I work with are actually pretty cool.  Also, there is not really a dress code, I like that i can be buisness casual and not have to worry about a uniform.  I'm allowed to pretty much be comfortable every time I go to work...that my friends is worth it in it self.

and finally, but not least on ANY level!  I have a girlfriend.  We've been dating for just about 9 months and she is incredible.  I miss her dearly because I don't get to see her as much as i would want to.  We haven't gone on a date in a really long time and that's one of my favorite things to do is to hang out with her.  However, we do work together at Gradient Productions so that's nice, however, it's mostly all buisness stuff so it's not really my girlfriend, she is more of a co-worker in those moments so as you could assume, it's frustrating.

so, let's see if I have covered my bases.  This is what's going on:
      3 music classes


This weekened I'm getting away from it all!  I'm heading to Los Angeles and I'm going to tour some schools.  I'm looking at New York Film Academy (on the backlot of Universal Studios), University of Southern California (School of Cinematic Arts and Throten School of Music for Film Scoring) and finally, Chapmen University (the film program there)

I'll be taking ot's of pictures so be awaiting that.  Maybe I'll even make a vlog while I'm there.  Who knows what will happen.  That's for stopping by and I hope to talk to you soon.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Friday, June 11, 2010

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Scholarship Screwup #3: Cry Me a River

by Josh Barsch - http://www.givemescholarships.com

Hardships: We all have them, right? If you read as many scholarship applications as I do, you’d certainly think so. With college costs spiraling upward every year and families pinched for cash to pay for it all, students are going all-out to make sure the committees understand how rough they have it.  But the truth is, we don’t all have hardships. We’re all busy, we all have pesky annoyances and long to-do lists, that’s for sure. But we don’t all have true hardships. Let me clarify the difference:
Zip it, kid.
Zip it, kid.

* If your parents were killed when you were a baby and you were raised in an orphanage, that’s a unique hardship. If you were raised in Suburbia and had to share your 2,600 square-foot house with three wild and crazy brothers, that’s not.

* If you had to get a job at age 8 to help your family pay rent, that’s a hardship. If you had to get a job at 16 to pay for your first car, that’s not.

* If you were hit by a BMW and finished your senior year telecommuting from the intensive care unit, that’s a hardship. If you had to take a part-time job at the hospital to fix the body damage you did to your BMW by hitting that other person, that’s not.

Making sense yet? If you mention a hardship in your scholarship application, be sure it’s really a hardship. One thing you’ve got to remember when you’re applying for scholarships is that scholarship committees receive thousands of essays every week from students with thousands of different backgrounds, many of whom come from Third World countries in Africa and Asia. Some have led extremely difficult lives and have overcome obstacles so outlandish that Americans can’t even comprehend them. These are the type of stories that scholarship judges are accustomed to reading. By comparison, American student essays sound a little, well, spoiled and whiny. Here are a couple of examples of people with actual hardships vs. people who are just very busy:

Britney from Eden Prairie: “After running 3-5 miles every night at track practice, sometimes my body is so exhausted when I go home that I can barely finish my homework without falling asleep at my desk.”
Belanor from Central America: “After running seven miles to get to school in the morning, I am so exhausted that I can barely stay awake. If we had desks, I would fall asleep in mine, but we don’t; we study on the cold dirt floor.”

Molly from Oak Park: “As a senior, of course, I have an extremely hectic schedule. Of course I’m in school all day Monday through Friday, but on Tuesday and Thursday nights I have advanced piano lessons for 90 minutes as soon as I get home from school, on Wednesdays I have church group and I work the breakfast shift at Burger King on Saturdays and Sundays. I endure this difficult life because I know that it will pay off in the end.”

Mbutu from Zambia: “On Tuesdays, I walk 12 miles to the refugee camp at sunrise to receive our large bag of rice and flour from the U.N. so that my village can eat. Because the bag weighs 45 pounds, it takes all day and night Wednesday to return home with the bag. On Thursday, I pass out from exhaustion while my neighbors begin to cook flatbread for the children…” And so on.

If it sounds like I’m making light of other people’s misery, I’m not. These are pretty much spot-on descriptions of some of the essays I’ve read. So if you haven’t had to overcome insurmountable odds, that’s fine — that’s the case for most of us lucky enough to be born in the in the United States, at least. But don’t go overboard trying to convince the committee that your life is truly difficult if, in fact, it’s really only busy.

Now, a point of clarification: This doesn’t mean that just because you weren’t orphaned by Sudanese warlords at age 9 that you can’t win a scholarship by talking about any challenges you’ve met. You can and should talk about those challenges. Judges love to hear about challenges overcome. Just keep your perspective and resist the urge to call these challenges “hardships” or something similarly melodramatic, because trust me — we’ve read about every imaginable type of hardship, and we know and appreciate the definition of the word.